Who we help

We provide investment advice to high-net-worth individuals, family offices, corporations, charities, foundations and retirement plans.



Our experience of helping generations of successful wealth creators reinforces that no two individuals are alike, but often have similar needs. When the decision comes to sell all or part of your business, getting this right takes time and planning. We can assist you and work with other key partners to ensure all considerations are met, be it tax efficiency, safeguarding of capital, making provisions or allowances for other business and family interests.

Holders of concentrated stock positions

Company founders, board members, senior management and other employees and individuals who work for publicly listed companies can be compensated in part with stock. We can assist with solutions around having such concentrated stock positions.

Charities and Foundations

We help identify and implement appropriate investment strategies for charities and foundations. Our ability to implement ethical and ESG focused solutions is often a central requirement.

Succession planning

We help families implement the best approaches to preserve and transfer their wealth, involve the next generation by promoting communication and trust, and ultimately set a framework of sound financial planning to provide for the successful passing of their legacy.


Retirement Plans

We provide bespoke investment management services to clients who choose to manage their own retirement plans.


Over decades we have worked closely with many varied clients and situations . Whilst each client may have different investment goals and aspirations all have the same underlying objective of protecting their wealth and ideally, growing it over time. Choosing a reliable, trusted advisor is critical in realising these goals.
Building and maintaining trust is a cornerstone of our work. We understand how important it is to respond quickly to changing market conditions in order to grow and protect your wealth.

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Our newsroom reflects a library of wealth management resources, including Kestrel specific commentary, articles, book recommendations, whitepapers and disclosures.