Independent Advisory Services

"A collaborative approach where the client retains authority"

This is a bespoke collaborative approach whereby Kestrel guide you with the decision making and help you find the right financial solution for your own unique situation. Kestrel will provide you with global access to the best thought leadership and investment managers in the industry. The key is that our clients retain authority.

Bespoke Solutions

“All client needs and requirements are unique” 

There is not one solution to how money should be invested. Each client’s plan is personalised based on their own unique circumstances, risk profile and time horizon. Whether you want to build, manage, preserve or transfer your wealth to the next generation, Kestrel has a wide range of customised solutions to help you achieve your goals. Services include, but are not limited to, global asset allocation portfolios, multi-generational solutions, thematic investments ideas, management of concentrated stock holdings and socially responsible investment (SRI) mandates.